COGENT Methodology

In early 2002, our founders established IT Project Pros, Inc.’s methodology for accomplishing software development projects based on a collective experience of various methodologies that they have applied to their projects.

Our consultants are fully trained on COGENT ™ methodology, a differentiating factor that adopts the collective experience of the resources that form the backbone of our organization. COGENT represents the following principles, which we utilize in the accomplishment of the roles we perform with our clients:

C = Comprehensive
IT Project Pros’s approach for project implementation involves a comprehensive set of processes, templates and re-usable library. Our methodology practices the iterative and interactive process that allows us to constantly check and measure deliverables throughout the lifecycle of the project. The dynamics of COGENT allows IT Project Pros to build on experiences and re-use its knowledge base which benefits our clients from a cost perspective. COGENT is critical for maximizing productivity and streamlining implementation procedures through its large knowledge repository of re-deployable templates, models, objects, and processes to expedite project implementation. These components are often reused in various stages of the project and are responsible for reducing cost, mitigating risk, and accelerating the development time of any of our projects.

Outcome Based
O = Outcome Based
COGENT’s Repository is a fundamental vehicle used by IT Project Pros for rapid development. IT Project Pros focus on outcome dictates the use of Object-Oriented programming techniques and the development of robust database rchitectures. Using COGENT, generic code modules are developed, tested, and documented for multiple uses in many of IT Project Pros’s existing client applications. By inheriting existing base-level components, modules can be quickly turned around without the significant cost of developing solutions for similar problems. In addition, advancements in technologies, changes in vendor specific API’s, and improved coding techniques can be implemented in existing base-level components without requiring major rewrites or modifications.

G = Gauge
COGENT relies on gauges and measurement of all facets of development. The quantitative as well as qualitative approach to measuring the quality of the deliverables/ milestones on an on-going basis, throughout the duration of the project, ensures us that project risks are mitigated on a timely basis. Quantitative measures such as comparisons between estimates and actual time spent, code review metrics, defects ratios, turnaround time for releases/builds, are employed throughout all the phases of the project.

E = Efficient
COGENT is an efficient methodology because it leverages its approach to project implementation in all areas, including the rigid hiring/evaluation of its consultants, estimation process, project planning, project execution and project re-evaluation. Our repeated success in delivering the proposed solution to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner is a good stamp of approval on how well we have optimized the efficiency of COGENT.

N = Nonpareil
There is nonpareil (nothing else in its class) methodology to COGENT because it takes into account the most important aspect for any successful project – the resources in the project team and the client for which the service is being delivered. The most important qualitative measure that COGENT keeps track of is client satisfaction. On the resources side, it adheres to the early establishment of an effective team dynamics, rewards and provides incentives to the resources and helps them improve/enhance their skills, while accomplishing the tasks for the project. To date, IT Project Pros can reference ALL of its clients and has been a good employer to its resources.

T = Timely
IT Project Pros’s consultants have the ability to utilize scientific methods for estimating timeline and cost, which helps effectively achieve the goals of any project. As noted previously, IT Project Pros has delivered numerous projects on time and within or under budget for a variety of clients. Utilizing scientific methods for estimating and projecting the schedule based on the amount of work will be employed throughout the duration of the project. Our consultants are fully aware that a late solution to a business problem, does not add value to our clients goals.